Welcome to the Olá Girl Tribe!

A BIG warm welcome to Say Olá – the Blog!

It’s been MONTHS of planning, deliberation and sleepless nights over  – one – deciding if we even should be putting up a blog and -two- WHAT.ARE.WE.GOING.TO.POST?!

At the start of the Olá journey as my closest friends and I were brainstorming ideas for Olá Scarves, I never wanted it to be “just-another-scarf-brand” but I really really wanted it to be a ‘something’ ( I even haven’t got a name for it yet) where all the Olá Girls can literally play an active role in creating the Olá brand and products with me. I’ve wanted all of you to be an integral part in the planning and creating process of Olá Scarves. The fact that  you’re here reading this, we know that you like all the things that I like – all things pretty and sparkly. *cue glitter confetti*.

I hope to bring a lot of amazing content here on our little corner in the internet to add some inspiration, some life and some cheeky reads to you! There’s some pretty interesting content coming your way so you must follow us on our instagram dan facebook accounts and get instant notifications of a new blog post that’s up!

Not only that!

Lookout for our blog deals and special discounts exclusively for our readers and we will integrate them as part of our post as part of a ” treasure” hunt per se! Any sharp readers out there? the rewards are bountiful!

aannnddd.. lastly, to you writers out there. We welcome YOU to contribute to this blog whether as a one-off writer or our regular contributors! Just drop us a line at hello@olascarves.com and we will be in touch!

Being part of the Olá Girl Tribe means YOU are an indispensable part of our circle!

So, here we are. At the start of it all. Thank YOU for being a part of this and Welcome to the Olá Community!

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