[ LIMITED QTY ] Olá Pin-imalist Pear Pins


What makes these pins AMAZING

1. Unique seamless rounded corners will ensure there will be NO THREAD PULLING. Yay!

2. The spacious bended end gives you more freedom to secure more fabric, especially those drapes around your shoulders.

3. Super sharp pointy ends will ease the pins through your fabric making sure there will be almost no damage to your scarf.

4. The unique Rose Gold plating will blend in seamlessly with nude, neutral, pink and light coloured scarves.

5. Made from high quality 100% Brass means NO RUST in the event you accidentally put them in the wash! Oops!

These unique features of our pins will make them last a lifetime.

They even come in their own screw cap window tins where you can store them and take them with you neatly in your bag. ( We left some space for your other pins and brooches too!)

Available in sets of 50 and 100.

(literally, the last pins you’ll have to buy)

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  1. Some irregularities in terms of sharpness and smoothness should be expected but not common.
  2. Olá Scarves is not responsible for damages to scarves due to pin/pinmarks.
  3. Whilst we take the greatest care in ensuring these pins are of the best quality, the user must also ensure he/she is still careful during use.
  4. Olá Scarves reserves the right to issue refunds/exchanges and this will be managed on a case-to-case basis.


Finally! Our prayers have been answered! Say goodbye to annoying pin marks on your favourite shawls as these round-bottomed pear shaped pins are finally here.

It’s important that pins you use are able to hold our style in place while minimizing the damage to your precious scarves. You know it’s been a mission at Olá Scarves to encourage fresh sharp pins for your scarf to protect those premium scarves bought with your hard earned money!

It’s time for you to get rid of these vintage pins since 93′ and upgrade them to Pin-imalist Pear Pins by Olá Scarves.

These Pin-imalist Pins are exclusively custom made by Olá Scarves. You can only get them here!

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50, 100, 200


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