Satin Silk Scarves: Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Wear Arya Satin Silk!

They are people who are afraid of satin silk scarves because they look high maintenance.

They’re reluctant to try satin silk because they feel like the fabric won’t be practical enough for their daily use.

I feel differently now, but I WAS one of those people. So I understand where they’re coming from!

That’s why today we’re going to look at 3 most common misconceptions about satin silk scarves and how they don’t apply to Ola Scarves’ satin silk line, Arya!

“They’re so slippery and the style won’t hold up.”

Satin silk scarves have a bad reputation of being slippery and impractical.


The usual problem that people face is this:

  • You’re getting on the train in the morning.
  • You just spent the last 40 minutes fixing your hijab style before heading out, and you were finally, FINALLY! satisfied with the style.
  • But when you’re taking off your handbag from your shoulders to grab your phone, the drape that you spent time on? Gone.
  • Move your body like a normal person? Style gone.

Didn’t matter how many pins you stuck in, the style just won’t STAY PUT. Or it would stay put, but only where you had the pins on. Everywhere else is a disaster.

You may have had bad experiences with satin silk before, but you haven’t tried Arya.

Arya is soft and shiny at the front, but it has a matte back that has grip and a little bit of static. This allows the fabric to stay in place without instantly slipping off, even when you drape it on top of your head!

This means you won’t have to stick so many pins in (because let’s face it, it’s a pain when you’re taking your hijab off for wudu’!). Now the pins are just insurance, instead of the lifejacket. 😉

The slipperiness of your scarf also depends on the weight of the fabric itself.

If it’s too light, it’s going to slip more easily. If it’s too heavy, it’s not going to drape nicely. Arya is of medium weight, so it’s the perfect balance of that beautiful drape and staying power.


“They’re so difficult to care for.”

Nobody wants to spend hours and hours on laundry (that’s what washing machines are for!).

But any kind of scarves shouldn’t be thrown into the washing machine, not just satin silk scarves! The fabric could get snagged in the pointy ends of your other clothes, like the clasps on your pants. That would cause tears and scratches in the fabric.

But the wonderful thing about Arya? It’s so low maintenance that you can clean it in 1 minute tops, even when you don’t throw it in the washing machine!

I know, I was sceptical too. But here’s how:

  • As preparation, buy a small bucket and put it in the shower. Pour some mild detergent (I like to use detergent for baby clothes) into a small bottle and set it beside the bucket.
  • When you want to take off your Arya, take it off, but DON’T put it in the laundry basket.
  • Immediately put it in the small bucket inside your shower. But don’t soak it in water yet.
  • When you’re ready to take a shower, soak it in water with some detergent.
  • And after you’ve rinsed yourself, rinse your Arya too!

I mean, it’s a good tip for your other scarves too, but it works especially well for Arya because the satin silk fabric isn’t thick and won’t take FOR-E-VER to rinse.

And if there’s some stubborn stains like curry or grease, use The Sabunette, a small soap that was formulated specifically to care for fabrics like Arya!


“They’re easy to ruin!”

I used to live in fear of ruining my scarves with my pins, especially the more shiny ones like, ehem, satin silk scarves.

Each scarf would cost >RM50, but one pulled thread, which looks like a scratch on the fabric, would totally ruin it for me. (I call it The Line of Doom)

So gradually, I started to abandon my satin scarves in favour of thicker ones like bubble crepe. Just because I couldn’t stand the thought of yet another scarf that would break my heart. Dramatic but true!

So when I started wearing Arya, I admit I was reluctant. Don’t get me wrong — I am completely in love with Arya itself. But I didn’t want something that could be ruined so easily.

But here’s the thing that I just found out after getting Arya: the fabric is not the problem. The pins are!

I was using pins that aren’t sharp! You know how it goes, pins keep disappearing, so you’re extra careful not to lose yours. But over time, the pins you’ve been using every single day get dull. And when the pins is dull, it’s more prone to scratching your scarf!

A sharp pin pierces the fabric more easily (and makes a smaller hole in the fabric).

Another thing that causes scratches and damage to your scarves? The hinge part of the pin. I hate it when it pulls on the thread of my scarves! When that happens the day is ruined. Ugh.

The solution? Pin-imalist Pear pins! Each Ola Scarf, including Arya, comes with its own pear-shaped pins that you can use. They’re slim, not bulky — and look Ma, no hinge!


Other reasons why I love Arya!


OK sure, Arya’s easy to style and care for and won’t ruin easily, but there’s a couple more reasons why it’s my favourite line of satin silk scarves yet…

1 ] It’s so soft and smooth. In fact, it’s the smoothest satin silk I’ve ever touched. No matter what style you wear, your head will feel as snug as a baby!

2 ] It has a beautiful sheen that’s not overly shiny. I dislike overly shiny fabric because it looks cheap, to be honest.

3 ] There’s an awesome range of go-to colours that are super versatile. Any of the colours in the Arya line will match any colour you have in your wardrobe. Now you won’t just be wearing black scarves!

4 ] It looks glamorous. I feel a bit funny saying this, but I felt like a million bucks when wearing my Arya to work, especially when pairing it with a structured top or a blazer. It makes the whole outfit look put together and gives off careerwoman-vibes!

5 ] I can wear it on the matte side if I feel like it! It’s like getting two scarves in one, which comes in handy when travelling!

When it comes to scarves, I’m a firm believer of QUALITY over quantity. I’d rather have a few wonderful ones that make me feel bomb always (which is Arya for me, folks), than a wardrobe full of those I only use when desperate!

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