There’s nothing more attractive than the of an Olá Girl.

Olá Scarves was founded from an insatiable calling to create effortless and easy-to-style scarves for women who wants to take less than a minute to look impeccably well dressed.

It’s for the girl who wants to hit the snooze button for that extra minutes of sleep without having to worry about spending 15 minutes with the steam iron. It’s for the girl who wants a life-proof scarf for every occasion imaginable. It’s for the girl who wants breathable scarves that beats the tropical heat. It’s for the girl who wants to a travel friendly scarf for her wanderlust adventures. It’s for the girl who wears the hijab for religious occasions and then keep it around her shoulders for date nights. It’s for the beginner, it’s for the experts. It’s for all and it’s for YOU. 

There’s nothing that we believe more than creating the right products that work for you in more ways than one. The Olá Experience begins from the moment you see us on your social media or hear the name through the Olá Girls you know and follows through right down to the moment you open the package and experience the scarves. We are committed in ensuring that almost all of our products, including their packaging, can be used in multiple ways and be reused in endless possibilities.

The Founder

Dr Nazurah Padulli

Although professionally serving her community as a family doctor, she did not let it limit her from achieving her dream of creating an all-inclusive female-centric scarf brand that is seemingly worlds apart from her “usual” field of work.

Olá – the representation of the friendship we build with all our customers.

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